- a channel that is not meant for the mass audience.

We get aesthetic pleasure from what we do. And truly invite our viewer to share this pleasure with us.

And in our viewer, we see an adult, ripened and thoroughly educated human being - just like us. - is a carefully selected and constantly updated collection of exclusive short format audiovisual works.

During the day you can see about a hundred and fifty original films!

We have very strict criteria for selecting programs for broadcast, therefore our video collection remains unparalleled in Russia and in the rest of world. We collect the best examples of short works in the genres of fiction and documentary, video art, fashion, music and art nudes. Just watch us and you will not miss anything that is worthy of your attention.

Usually, digital TV operators offer you pre-compiled packages of channels. And if you want to watch the channel "X", you need to buy a package that includes channels «Y», «Z», etc.

But you do not need to buy something else to watch

The leading cable and satellite operators are offering our channel separately from other packages. And if you have at least a basic subscription to digital television, you can sign up exclusively to shows movies in different languages . We translate them into Russian, but keep the original sound on a separate track.

By default, you get our channel in Russian language.

But you can always switch the audio track and continue to watch the film in its original language.

Refer to your remote control to find out how to switch audio tracks.